We have created this Manifesto Karaoke to claim the right of everybody to sing just to have fun. This is the Manifesto Karaoke of people who love singing. If you are with us, sign it and make it known so that others will join us too.

  1. We love singing
  2. We have the right to sing any place and any time without anyone looking down on us
  3. We firmly believe that singing is good for you and that singing karaoke makes us happier than everyone else
  4. Singing in a group or with friends whenever we can is not a choice, its a privilege
  5. We award singers with applause, even if they don't sing well
  6. The singer has the right to choose their own song, even if we don't like it
  7. We never lie to a singer and say they were fantastic when we didn't like it
  8. Not everyone can be (or wants to be) pop stars
  9. We put all of our heart into every performance, as if it were our last
  10. We enjoy singing, it doesn't matter how we do as long as we do it with passion